Software packages

  1. BayesRCO: Bayesian genomic prediction models for overlapping annotations πŸ”—
  2. rpl: Randomized pairwise likelihood method for complex statistical inferences πŸ”—
  3. padma: Pathway deviation scores using multiple factor analysis πŸ”—
  4. maskmeans: Multi-view aggregation/splitting K-means clustering algorithm πŸ”—
  5. coseq: Co-expression analysis of sequencing data πŸ”—
  6. ICAL: Model selection for model based clustering of annotated data πŸ”—
  7. metaRNASeq: Meta-analysis of RNA-seq data πŸ”—
  8. HTSDiff: Differential analysis for RNA-seq data πŸ”—
  9. HTSFilter: Filter for replicated high-throughput sequencing data πŸ”—
  10. HTSCluster: Clustering high-throughput sequencing data with Poisson mixture models πŸ”—
  11. ebdbNet: Empirical Bayes estimation for dynamic Bayesian networks πŸ”—