PhD + Postdoc supervision

  • Fanny Mollandin (2019-2022, PhD): Incorporating known functional annotations into Bayesian genomic prediction models (with Pascal Croiseau, co-funding from EU Horizon 2020 RIA grant GENE-SWitCH)
  • Smahane Chalabi (2021-2022, Postdoc): A diet x epigenetics study in pigs, GENE-SWitCH grant (with Elisabetta Giuffra and Sarah Djebali)
  • Manuel Revilla Sanchez (2016, 3-month PhD Erasmus+ Learning Mobility): An integrative gene network analysis of the genetic determination of pig fatty acid composition (with Jordi Estelle and Yuliaxis Ramayo Caldas)
  • Gilles Monneret (2014-2018, PhD): Estimation of causal effects in gene networks from observational and intervention data (with Grégory Nuel and Florence Jaffrézic)
  • Mélina Gallopin (2012-2015, PhD): Clustering and network inference for RNA-seq data (with Gilles Celeux and Florence Jaffrézic)